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**Bundled price does not include telephone regulatory fees estimated at $9.00 per month.

POWERED UP Triple Play / $99.95


  • + Broadband – High Speed Internet Up to 3 Mbps download / 1 Mbps upload


  • + Cable TV – Gold Package – includes over 160 Channels

Digital Telephone

  • + 11 features with Enhanced Caller ID & Voice Mail
  • + Unlimited 337 calling for $.97
  • + Feature Package w/ Caller ID Deluxe


Television Premier Upgrade, Movie Suites and Set Top Box Options


Add More Set Top Boxes

1 standard DVR set top box is included in the package. If you would like more boxes or HD capability, you can add them here.

Internet Speed Upgrades and Static IP Option

Telephone Upgrades and Options

Customized Service Total Per Month

Price: $ 99.95

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